Concept Modelling and Preliminary Study

In the process of developing a project or product, we integrate our mechatronics based know-how and skills to the process from a literature survey to completed product production. We investigate the applicable technologies and with the help of learning outcomes, project roadmap built up. Preliminary industrial design and computer-aided simulation done in the early stage of project development.

With the help of specialized 3D design and simulation software, we provide the service of both mechanic and electronic design. After the proof of concept stage, engineering drawings prepared (production schemes, assembly instructions, operation manuals, etc.) in the direction of client's needs.

Developing Functional Hardware Prototypes

After ideation processes, prototype electronic and hardware units produced for the proof-of-concept stage. From printed circuit boards, polyurethane casted enclosures to CNC machined parts, production of both electronics and mechanics done in-house. Hardware and software consolidation done by carefully selected components tailored to your project's requirements. A fully functional prototype will be developed to uncover the possible technological challenges. With the gained know-how, developed concepts brought to perfection.

Robotic Systems Development and Production

RoboTeknik specializing in the field of robotic systems design and production, industrial automation processes, remote communication and control applications requires wireless connectivity. Our field of specializations incorporates with autonomous robotics, unmanned ground vehicles, and goal-oriented robotics. Mechanic and electronic design, software development, prototype production and conventional manufacturing processes of robotic systems tailored especially for our client's requirements.

Wearable Electronic Device Development and Production

Wearable electronic device destined to be widely used in the medical field in the forms of wristband, necklace, armband, and headband tracking all the vital data of the human body.

There are lots of products based on wearable technology in the medical field. Among these products, the most widely used are fitness wristbands that track the performance values of sportsmen and armbands that track vital data of people with chronic diseases.

We have completed the industrial design, electronic circuit development, prototype development and manufacturing process of wearable device that capable of analyzing the signals from the user’s brain (using EEG technology) and generate a detailed report on user’s sleep cycles.

Our design thinking centralized development process includes research, electronic prototyping, proof of concept, material selection, industrial design, rapid prototyping, final development, and manufacturing. With this type of approach to the real-life problems, we find a way to solve one problem at a time.

Firmware and Software Development

RoboTeknik specialized in the field of embedded systems which are designed especially for the field of robotics and wearable electronics. We have the ability to develop and test the firmware and software for a variety of integrated circuits and microcontrollers on the market. In the process of developing the embedded software, our robotics know-how and experience lets us work with variety of integrated circuits and microprocessors simultaneously.